Our  Videos

  • Find Your Voice

    Confidence is the power to express yourself! A joint effort by 916 Ink and Visions in Education, the Find Your Voice class teaches kids to express themselves through creative writing, giving them the opportunity to grow and learn together. It was a pleasure to work with these talented your writers.

  • Western Health Advantage

    The PZ Crew loves the Sacramento Region. Team Plaid Zebra was given the opportunity to interview three top leaders in the Sacramento region. While keeping it close to the characters we shared the grand scope of Western Health's role in our community. This video was shown in Washington DC for the 2015 Cap-to-Cap program.

  • Streamline

    The Special District Website Engine. This production had us traveling to some of the smallest communities in California to learn first hand about special districts and the difficulties they face. After hearing Sloane recall her history with special districts we knew her passion needed to be at the heart of this video.

  • Sacramento Public Library

    The PZ Crew loves reading almost more than film. In this video we share the importance of Sacramento Public Library's Summer Reading Program and how it combats the dreaded "summer slide" of reading scores. Client: Sacramento Public Library Foundation

  • Folsom Lake College Athletics

    Everyone loves to root for the underdog! Folsom Lake College makes the compelling case for why Athletics creates a better student, school, and community. Being Los Rios College Alums ourselves, this video was a treat for us to make.

  • The Folsom Pro Rodeo

    There is a love story at the heart of this rodeo. Digger and Sharon Williams have been organizing Folsom's July Fourth event for the last 52 years. Folsom Chamber of Commerce hired us to share that love story with the world.

Our  Process

The Vision


It all starts with an idea. We come together with clients to hone in on what the story is, who the characters are, and how we see everything intersecting. We clearly lay out the vision for the film and share the blue prints of how we are going to reach it.

The Pursuit


Our adaptive production team works fast in any scenario. There is no problem our team can not solve in pursuit of our creative vision. While keeping the story first, we bring professional audio, lighting, and an unparalleled visual style to create beautiful and engaging content.

The Artistry


Now with all the content assembled the real craftsmanship begins. Our post-production editing team carefully  sorts,  selects,  and shapes the final polished film.


The vision becomes reality.





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